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A Game of Thrones LCG: Trystane Martell
Card illustration painted for Fantasy Flight Games / Asmodee North America

Copyright: FFG

Art Director Deb Freytag
Avacyn Trylogy:The Mission
Here we come at the end of the arc: Avacyn is here, it's time for her to know and begin her mission, the people of Innistrad need a protector.

Avacyn and Sorin Markov are property of Wizard of the Coast, this is not official art and isn't meant to infringe on the proprietor's rights
Walex Blissex
Another piece painted for Armada.

Client: Fantasy Flight Games

Art Director: Deb Freytag
Tactical Flight Officer
Just spoilered on FFG's site, my newest piece for Armada.

Client: Fantasy Flight Games

Art Director: Taylor Ingvarsson.
Star Wars LCG: I am a Jedi
On May the 25th 1977, Star Wars (later Star Wars: A New Hope) opened in the USA.
And the rest is history.

To celebrate, here's my version of one climatic moment in the franchise, part of the confrontation between Emperor Palpatine and Luke in Return of the Jedi:

Never. I'll never turn to the Dark Side. You've failed, your highness. I am a Jedi, like my father before me.

So be it... Jedi! 

Art Director: Zoe Robinson
As of today, I have a Patreon account

Let me say, first, that I'll keep posting my art here on DA,  some pieces, though, will be Patreon exclusive, not available anywhere else.

Those will be in different categories, the most basic one will include sketches ad 'experiments', they may be something that will later lead to a finished work or they might be pieces born on the spur of a moment that will never be developed, experiments in traditional media new to me or paintings out of my usual 'confort zone' like abstract or stylized works.

Then there'll be WIPs with commentary, besides seeing the WIP progression, patrons will read about the creation of the painting, concepting, the reason behind changes, some technical details and so on.

Another level will have access to my nude paintings. I believe that the human body is a thing of beauty and that art can celebrate it without being prurient, vulgar or exploitative, but, given the companies I work with, nudes have no reason to be in my portfolio or in a public gallery, Patreon is the ideal outlet.

There I also offer limited mentorship spots (only 5 at the moment), those patrons will be able to send me once a month one of their paintings or drawings for an in-depht critique and suggestions.

...and, at the final level, Patreon is where I'll make available limited-edition prints (including those of 'Kissed by Fire', if any is left after Stahleck).

Thank you for reading. :)


Tiziano Baracchi
Current Residence: Sona (Italy)
Favourite style of art: figurative
Favourite cartoon character: Major M. Kusanagi


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