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September 24, 2012
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Tribute to Serra Angel by Thaldir Tribute to Serra Angel by Thaldir
Portfolio piece with a view to a Magic the Gathering submission, this time it's a white card, the well known and loved Serra Angel.

DISCLAIMER: this piece is not official art, Magic the Gathering and associated trademarks are property of Wizards of the Coast.

Good luck to all my followers that will be playing in a pre-release event this weekend. ;-)
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it is loved when it's on your deck!! lol

i like the interpretation, it's how i see her when she appears on your opponent's side, more of a warrior than an angel!

amaizing job!! i would like to see more illustrations of cards! :D
Thank you, I have at least another one planned.
This is beautiful in all ways. The reflections on the armour and those wings. I think those wings are my favorite part of this drawing, they look so real.
Perhaps a more armoured version than other versions but to me it still have that feeling of swiftness and vigilance.
Thank you. My mind-reference for this were some paintings of St. Michael from the Renaissance, hence the full armor.
Interesting interpretation of the classic Serra Angel. Obviously far more armored than official depictions of her. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, although, I feel she's TOO well-covered, enough that she lacks the usual air of elegance that MtG angels usually have. Personally, I feel she would be better suited with her hair exposed and flowing.

Also, the buckler covering her left hand -- the lack thereof a visible hand makes it seem like the shield is replacing her hand. Perhaps you could have the shield attached to her forearm?

I do like the pose and calm, yet serious facial expression. The wings are rendered nicely, but something about them makes them look flat to me.

Pardon the critical review, I only intend for it to be constructive. Best of luck in your endeavors! :D
No problems at all on critical comments when they are this structured and motivated.

I plan on practicing my wings, I don't paint them too often and it shows.

My mind-reference for this were some 15th century images of St. Michael in full armor. It's matter of personal taste, of course but I don't find most the recent MtG angels all that elegant.

High heels, naked legs and flowing hair on a warrior aren't my things, of course you are welcome to differ.
matsunoki Sep 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What is this <bABOMINATION!?</b>
- Doesn't have any reference of the "blessed jawline"
- No cleavage
- No shoulder exposure.

PLEASE REVISE. :trollface:

In all seriousness, I love the design of this armor~! So practical! (Practical women's armor for fantasy renders? The hell? :lmao: ) And I adore the perfect combination of beauty and lethality that this piece seemingly imparts. Well did~ :nod:
:) Thank you so much, beautiful and lethal was exactly my aim.
Yes, I'm definitely in the 'armor should at least be believable' school.
I really like this one. I find it very soothing for some reason.
Thank you. My idea for this one is that she as caught sight of a wounded soldier on the field (hence the expression) and that of the 'wounded soldier' is, in fact the point of view of the viewer.
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